Vetrivel Veeravel (Yamaha RX 100) Tracker Motorcycle

Vetrivel Veeravel (Victorious Vel, Courageous Vel). My first concept diagram of the moderate “Offroad Tracker” motorcycle based on a Yamaha RX 100 is ready. Work has started. I have finalised the name of the Bike in the making – VETRIVEL_VEERAVEL (Victorious Vel, Courageous Vel). Vel (வேல்) is a divine javelin […]


#PADDY_VIKRAM, the grand old 2 stroke motorcycle, carrying the legacy of two fallen brothers will go with me to the #Distingished_Gentlemans_Ride (#DGR). I had spotted a dilapidated Rajdoot Excel T Motorcycle in a junkyard and had picked her up for literally pittance. I was looking to do something to commemorate […]


​1. On a daily basis, I receive numerous queries from motorcyclists of varying ages with physical fitness issues that are required for sustaining long rides. The most common complaints are :- (a) Tiredness and exhaustion. (b) Backache (c) Loss of concentration (d) Frozen Shoulder and arms (e) Bum ache. 2. I […]