India’s First Moto Traveler’s Little Magazine


Presenting, TYREMARK, the Moto Traveler’s Little Magazine, published from Bengal in Bengali. Fully coloured and full of colour, this is the perfect companion for your ‘two-wheel wanderlust’. Those of you who love to travel on your motorcycle, bicycle or your car, and enjoy travel/nature/wildlife photography or motography, – this is the magazine for you. Tyremark is replete with accounts by hardcore moto-travelers which will help you plan and undertake your own ventures. You will find details about the road, weather conditions, eateries and lodges along the way, particulars about local people, and possible emergencies. You will also find route maps, medical tips, mechanical assistance, and last but not the least, food for the spirit.

Tyremark is available to you for a nominal monetary contribution, which serves to nourish and propagate moto-traveling culture in India. Tyremark hopes to reach a diverse audience, making them open and accepting of this passion. We want to bring to the masses, “the mainstream”, a new understanding of what is Moto-travel. To do this, we need our readers to join hands with us. Pick up a pen, or a keyboard for that matter. Bring out your camera. Our journal is awaiting your stories and experiences, which YOU can send us for publishing. Whether it be your first venture out on your new Bullet or an account of your latest around-the-world Hummer tour, our team of editors works on sharing it with the global moto-traveling community. On the one hand, this helps create camaraderie across continents, and on the other, it builds a detailed base of records for future adventurers. Your story might be the guideline for the next rider on that trail.

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