Dada rides to Marwar Let’s Ride Wheels will turn always… “বুঝলি তোপসে, এবার চশমাটা নিতেই হবে, পঞ্চাশ ছুই-ছুই, চোখের আর সেই জৌলুস কোথায়? মগজাস্ত্রটা অবশ্য এখনো ধারালোই”… #সাথে_থেকো_ভাইরা Finally, the day arrives #Shwet_Agni has new tyres, chain & sprocket, timing chain, fully serviced and stands growling. The saddle is loaded […]

Dada-Boudi Food Ride – Day 1

We start the journey on this gastronomic route early in the morning from home in Panagarh and includes the plan to drop our children Khushi and Bullet to their Grandparents in Kolkata while we continue with our motorcycle sojourn. The intention was to cover 3 districts today; BARDHAMAN, HUGLY and […]