Parvati Valley – Sunday Breakfast Ride

As the world struggles with the mundane, when action is worshipped, being busy to the level of being a maniac is considered laudable, workaholism is symbol of excellence and inaction is cringe worthy; here in the same world a place exists where Time stands still. It was my time to […]

Dada Rides to Awadh ( Lucknow – Ayodhya)

In Search of Maryada Purushottam I ride to Ayodhya, solo… from 28 March to 04 April 2022. I shall come face to face with myself and my questions about Dharma, Maryada and Being Me. The conundrum, the complexity of what Dharma is, and the identity of Prabhu Sri Ram, the […]

KAPWING :The Best And Easiest Video Content Creator (And Editor) For All Travelers And Motovloggers

What All Travelers Need With the number of motorcycle and car travelers increasing with every passing day, everyone has been waiting patiently for this crazy pandemic to pass, so they can restart with their already planned or postponed travel programme. With easy access to smart phones, tablets, digital cameras; the […]

Exploring Hadauti (Bundi – Kota)

Part 1 As India is opening up and the Covid pandemic seems to be in control in India, though not yet over, we as a family risk out in our car to explore a specific part of Rajasthan- Hadauti.  As per my understanding… Rajasthan has 6 distinct regions… and needs […]


#Hindustan_ke_dil_dekho (Zero) #Dadas_MP_soloride #আবার_অরণ্যে …. It could have been Cliffhanger or Chardham or even the Mae Hong Son loop … But this time I chose a less glamorous destination compared to all, in spite of the possibility of incurring much greater expenses. I chose the less discussed #Madhya_Pradesh this time. […]


Dada rides to Marwar Let’s Ride Wheels will turn always… “বুঝলি তোপসে, এবার চশমাটা নিতেই হবে, পঞ্চাশ ছুই-ছুই, চোখের আর সেই জৌলুস কোথায়? মগজাস্ত্রটা অবশ্য এখনো ধারালোই”… #সাথে_থেকো_ভাইরা Finally, the day arrives #Shwet_Agni has new tyres, chain & sprocket, timing chain, fully serviced and stands growling. The saddle is loaded […]


India’s First Moto Traveler’s Little Magazine   Presenting, TYREMARK, the Moto Traveler’s Little Magazine, published from Bengal in Bengali. Fully coloured and full of colour, this is the perfect companion for your ‘two-wheel wanderlust’. Those of you who love to travel on your motorcycle, bicycle or your car, and enjoy […]

Dada-Boudi Food Ride – Day 1

We start the journey on this gastronomic route early in the morning from home in Panagarh and includes the plan to drop our children Khushi and Bullet to their Grandparents in Kolkata while we continue with our motorcycle sojourn. The intention was to cover 3 districts today; BARDHAMAN, HUGLY and […]

Soloride To Garh-Jungle, Bardhaman District, Bengal

The road hungry Motorcycles can’t sit still for a day, so this afternoon, I had set out for Garh Jungle, within the Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary, situated on the Eastern end of Durgapur, in search of THE OLDEST SURVIVING REMAINS OF DURGAPUJA ever carried out in India, and attaboy, I was […]