My Bahubali Obsession

I love Bahubali. I want to be Bahubali. I emulate Bahubali. He is all about me, I am all about him … at least if I am not, I want to be. Bahubali is all about what a Perfect Man will be, Bahubali is all about what I want to be, what I want my son to be. He is all about being a Man. So,what about him ?? I had a long discussion with my family about my Bahubali obsession and tried to identify, what is it, about Bahubali that makes me such a big fan of him ??
1. VEERO KE VEER. A true warrior of emancipated bravery. Physical bravery, mental mobility and moral courage.
2. True patriotism and love for his own country and land.
3. Sharp intellect and extremely high emotional quotent.
4. True and unabated respect for women.
5. Sence of Justice, Liberty and Fraternity.
6. Innovative, creative to the core, with thought on the feet about a workable solution to a problem on ground.
7. Undoubted sense of welfare for and goodness for the commoners, poor and downtrodden.
8. Equality, irrespective of birth, caste, status and a sense of meritocracy associated with trust.
9. A belief in Honesty and Integrity to the extent of falling for it.
10. An extreme sense of commitment, and following through a commitment to its victorious end.
11. Outstanding leadership with the value system of leading from the front and setting the personal example.
12. Humility to the extent of shunning pride, with the confidence not to undermine self belief.
13. An innocent child at heart with a soul full of sense of wonder, thankfulness and joy.
14. An inspiring being who believes and practises transformational leadership.
15. A never give up attitude showcasing the spirit that ‘ when the going gets tough, the tough gets going’.
16. A value system of non attachment to riches, possession, rank, position and power.
17. A tolerant and stoic attitude who can remain unfazed in ups and downs and can take the right decision to greater glory.
18. Mature, calm demeanor with a sense of internal intensity and external calm.
19. A true lover, and a man of intense passion and romanticism.
20. An intense man with a broad shoulder and big heart.

Dear lord, bless me that I can be the True Bahubali.

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