#Zanshin_and_Going_Nowhere #Why_I_Ride. I was out yesterday afternoon riding on Shwet-Agni and once I returned home, the odo showed 120 km. I was not visiting a tribal festival, I was not trying an adventure to any La, I was not trying to look for any natural wonder, some unexplored trail or historical monument, nor a cabal of beer and music … I was just BEING … but being or doing what ??

When I ride a motorcycle, there is no past repentance or judgement, there is no future anticipation or evaluation … what remains is a constant flow of moments … happening right in front of the eye; a steady stream of man, car, animal , road, hill, trees, time … just here and just now … its a constant presence of the current moment happening in my consciousness.

There is a third state between Consciousness and unconsciousness as mentioned in our Spiritual books .. its called a State of #Turiya (Sanskrit) or #Zanshin (Japanese) … A state of complete awareness; absolute presence or super consciousness … and when I rev my throttle … my past, future all vanishes and what remains is a state of steady bliss. It’s that state of the mind, which sometimes lures me towards life of an endless roaring timeless earth wanderer. Maybe .. that’s my meditation, that’s my #Kaizen

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