​1. I often ride with the National Flag on my motorcycle. In fact it has sort of become my trademark while on a reasonably long ride. I often face the following questions from many riders :- 

(a) Are we allowed to fly the National Flag while riding ?? 
(b) What are the various “ FLAG CONVENTIONS” that need to be kept in mind while flying the National Flag on your motorcycle ?? 
2. I am answering the above queries with all possible details. 
3. PERMISSION TO FLY THE RASHTRIYA DHWAJ. India is our Nation and we are proud citizens. We do not need anybody’s permission to fly the National Flag / Rashtriya Dhwaj. Its our privilege.  
4. FLAG CONVENTIONS. We have to ensure that our Rahtriya Dhwaj is never ever let down by omission or by commission; hence you have to follow the following conventions explicitly. 
(a) Rashtriya Dhwaj will be displayed on the RIGHT PROFILE OF YOUR MOTORCYCLE IN THE DIRECTION OF MOVE. Flag mast must always be straight and erect. 
(b) The TOP OF THE RASHTRIYA DHWAJ WILL BE THE HIGHEST PROFILE OF THE SYSTEM, roughly meaning that the Top of the National Flag will be higher than the top of your Helmet (and camera if you have one) 
(c) No other Flag on your motorcycle should fly higher than the Rashtriya Dhwaj. 
(d) The Rashtriya Dhwaj HAS TO BE ATTENDED ALL TIMES. That implies you have to always stand beside a Flying Rashtriya Dhwaj, you cannot leave that. If you have to go for a Tea Break or a Lunch break, you have to take down the Rashtriya Dhwaj. 
(e) The Rashtriya Dhwaj can never be unfurled dirty or torn. So even on your busy riding schedule, you have to take out time to wash, iron (if possible) and mend the National Flag. 
(f) The Rashtriya Dhwaj is flown at Reveille (first light) and dismounted at Retreat (last light). Flag is never flown in the hours of darkness.  
(g) THERE CANNOT BE ANY MANNER OF DISRESPECT to the Rashtriya Dhwaj. Implying that the flag cannot come to ground, cannot be publicly burnt, buried or disrespected in any manner. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO MAINTAIN THE HONOUR AND DIGNITY OF THE RASHTRIYA DHWAJ EVEN AT THE PERIL OF OWN LIFE.  

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