Gongoni Gorbeta (The Grand Canyon of Bengal)

Part 1

On 03 September, Sunday, I decide to explore “Gongoni Garbeta”, the Grand canyon of Bengal.

Google map of the route


Part 2: The Journey

Snippets from the Road

Part 3: Gongoni … The Canyon.

                                                                       Picture Snippets of The Gongoni Canyon On Shilaboti River

Bokasur er Gooha (Bakasur’s cave), the place where the ill famed Asoor (maybe some innocent big Santhal) used to hide and eat the villagers’ food … Till Bheem (the second Pandava) came, ate his food and killed him.
Seems like a local folklore, since Ekchakra village of the Pandava Agyatvaas is not in Bengal.

                                                                                          Bokasurer Gooha

Part 4: Digrir Chataal (The Forgotten Air-strip of World War 2 vintage in Amlaguri village)

                                                                                       Digrir Chataal

Part 5: Quick Pitstop at BISHNUPUR Town

                                                                                Bishnupur Pitstop

Part 6: Drive through and Lunch break at JOYPUR RESERVE FOREST

                                                              Joypur Reserve Forest and Bonolata Resort

Part 7: Drive through JOYRAMBATI and KAMARPUKUR.

                                                                                    Kamarpukur Joyrambati

Part 8: End-piece. Reached Home safely … Tired, Butt sored and happy. 364 km of Sunday ride … Not bad eh ??
The aim of doing this ride other than fuelling my wanderlust was to put forth an example and statement to Young Motorcyclists and not empty sermon only … “DHABA RIDE IS NOT THE ONLY OPTION” … To enjoy on a Motorcycle, one need not go to Ladakh or Spiti or a Dhaba always, there are mind boggling places close to our home too … (Those who followed my Facebook check-ins the whole day .. will realize hopefully)
#My_Butt_Needs_Some_OldMonk 😀😀


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