Humour on the Motorcycle

Some Funny And Heartwarming Personal Motorcycling Snippets

1. Once over a cup of tea, an octagenerian chachaji seriously advised me … “Bachhe, umar kam hai, ye sab motorcycle waikel chhoro, ghar jaake aur char bachhe paida karo, kheti mein kaam ayenge” … I was like … Yeah … Biwi ko bolta hoon .. ghar se nikal degi aur main Motorcycle mein hi permanent ho jayunga

2. You know you have done a route enough when the dhaba walas start feeling happy seeing you and start shouting …”Saab ..iss baar machhi achha hai … Pichle baar jaisa nahi “.

3. The most popular questions from eager crowds gathered around my motorcycle is “Kitne cc ?” , “Kitne ki hai ?” and “kitna deti hai ?” … Initially I tried to seriously answer those questions, with times, even I have started giving answers like 35 cc, 1800 cc, 2400 cc, 2 lacs, 24 lacs, 10 kmpl, 60 kmpl … Yaani … Kuch bhi !!! Good fun …. Ours is a Nation of simple people, if said convincingly, theyll believe the Motorcycle can fly and swim too. Guess, the politicians understand that much better …..

4. One paanwaala seriously asked me … “Ghumte rahto ho ka moturbike ma ??” ….I sheepishly answered “Yes”. He retorted “Naukri waukri nahi hai kya ?? Ghar paribar ko khilate kya ho ” … I had to answer …”Sochta hoon ek paan ka dukan dene ka Illahabad ya Kashi mein” … He was happy …so was I ..

5. In a village, a daadi asked “Shaadi kab karoge bete ??” … Me -“Kya kare Dadi, kisi ko pasand hi nahi ata hoon” … Daadi – “Dekhne sunne mein to achhe khandaan ke lagte ho, kul aur gotra batao, bolo to baat chalata hoon ” …. I was like …Bhag le bhaiya jaldi …nahi to pit jayunga…


  1. In a ride with small group of brothers over a very tough terrain, we were often being overtaken by a lady (and his companion) on a BMW (I later came to know that she was the legendary Dr Maral Yazarloo of 45 countries in 18 months fame), who was always singing loudly while riding. On the next halt, I asked my brothers… “Did you hear her singing words like “Waasta pyaar da ” … My brother retorted … “Ailaaa …I thought she was shouting — Raasta de saale

    Humour on Motorcycle

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