Virtual Motorcyclist (Random Thoughts)

VIRTUAL MOTORCYCLIST (some random thoughts) …
As I go out for my regular evening or Sunday morning Motorcycle rides around my place of stay, I almost always notice a breed of young Motorcyclists … On the road or roadside, making strange poses and faces, and another dude clicking photos on a mobile. I had the audacity of stopping and asking these people … What exactly are they up to ?? The innocent and ridiculous answer that I get is … “They are doing a photoshoot for Facebook”.

Though I appreciate and respect their love for Motorcycles, I cannot help but wonder, that certain issues have got warped in the minds of these young motorcyclists. What exactly are they thinking ??

In all probability, the unbridled joy of going through a long winding road on a motorcycle is NOT exactly why this man is riding a motorcycle.

In all probability, this man’s entire action has become “dependent” upon NOT what he feels, but what others think. His joy needs sanction by others to become a true joy to himself.

In all probability, this man has created a psudo world of the virtual kind in his mind, where he is appreciated for his actions by his virtual friends. Otherwise … Who will act like a fool like this in the real world where people around are laughing at him, but he is not bothered, because his actions are for the virtual world.

I have tried talking to these fellows, and what surprises me most is that within 30 seconds of the conversation, he will throw the names of 20 (respectable and good friends) Motorcyclists .. This-Da and That-Da and thereafter throw names of 5-6 places like Ladakh, Gorudongmar and Tawang. Then he will throw 3-4 names like Benelli and H2 and SuperLow. On further conversation, it becomes clear … This man is warped in the head, he knows nothing, yet he does not lead a normal life … He is in some virtual fairy land of motorcyles. I ask him about his ride, he will sheepishly say its now a KB 125 (which I think is a great Motorcycle), but he is saving up for a ZX14R … I ask him what does he do, and he replies he sells fish in Budbud village, or is studying in 3rd year in some local college.

Are young people essantially warped ?? Is something actually wrong in setting our lives and dreams ?? Is the call of a Superbike or a trippers so strong, that a man is secluded and detached from reality and living a fantasy life??
Who are these Bikers ?? Do they need help ??

To conclude …
We are all born ignorant
But one must work hard to remain stupid”
…. Benjamin Franklin.

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