#Jobner_Fort #OG_Riders #Sunday_Breakfast_Ride. Today, seven Tigers throttled through to Jobner, approx 60 km along the Nagaur axis. The morning highway offers a fly through, the last 2 km though is broken yet unique Paris-like stone paved alleys.

One needs to climb the hills on foot approx for 10 minutes to first reach the temple of #Jobner_Jwala_Mata.

Thereafter, we searched a trail, and climbed higher to reach the Jobner Fort, which today houses the #Parvat_Shankar_Bhagwan.

Jobner was ruled through this impressive tactical fort by Hameerdeka Kachwaha, (son of Raja Kuntalji of Amber) of the Kachwaha dynasty, Khangarot clan and Manohardasot subclan. In 1611 Rao Jagmal Kachwaha with his son Rao Khangar killed Tej Singh Hameerdeka the ruler of Jobner and conquered Jobner. This fort has seen immense bloodshed including the oft unspoken Jat-Rajput rivalry, culminating into the Battle of Mandwa Mandoli.

A freewheeling ride, followed by some intense hillclimb and trek on foot, paying respect to Jwala Mata and Shankar Bhagwan, exploring the fort, stroll along the French alleys of Jobner,

a sumptuous parantha breakfast

and finally a glass of beer together was the highlight of the day. Sunday morning well spent…


  1. Good to see the pics of Devgarh Fort of Jobner
    My ANCESTRAL fort STANDING High from last 350years.
    My self devraj singh manohar from the royal FAMILY of jobner
    You are most welcome

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