This Sunday, four of the OLIVE GREEN RIDERS decide to explore a heritage sight in Jaipur, on the immediate vicinity of the Amer Fort … Its a Stepwell popularly known as Panna Meena ki Kund.

in front of amer fort

#Sunday_Ride #Meena_Paana_ki_Kund (1) … First pitstop with a backdrop of the majestic #Amer_Fort…. A mute spectator to the changing times of India..

amer backdrop

#Sunday_Ride #Meena_Paana_ki_Kund (2) … You can’t fool around with “Haathi the Silent”… হাতির সাথে গাঁড় পেয়াজি মেরো না.. খচে গেলে তুলে আছাড় দেবে – তাই হালকা করে আদর করে দিচ্ছি .

with elephants of amer

#Sunday_Ride #Meena_Paana_ki_Kund (3) Reached the Panna Meena (many say Miyan as is Panna Miyan) Kund. Its basically a Stepwell which was a social gathering for the residents of Amer. Local folklore says that you cannot climb down and up by the same set of stairs because of the amazing symmetry of design… However, it didnt seem impossible to the determined. A beautiful, heritage stepwell so typical of the terrain and culture. Feeling blessed …

Sitting on stepwell of Panna meena ki kund

#Sunday_Ride #Meena_Paana_ki_Kund (4) … Looking around the area, The Baori / Baoli / Kund / Stepwell is situated with an excellent backdrop of hills, forts, temples.. Its actually worthwhile to come and sit here quietly for some time..

Panna meena ki kund

#Sunday_Ride #Meena_Paana_ki_Kund (5) If you cant sit quietly, then the destination has no meaning.. দাঁড়াও পথিক-বর, জন্ম যদি তব বঙ্গে; তিষ্ঠ ক্ষণকাল.

seated in front of Amer fort

#Sunday_Ride #Meena_Paana_ki_Kund (6) Every good or bad thing has to end… Its time to head home, but not before a cup of cappuccino… আমি গাই ঘরে ফেরার গান, উতলা কেন এ প্রাণ, শুধু যে ডাকে ফিরে আমাকে; বিদেশ বিঁভূইয়ে পড়ে আছি তবু ছাড়ে না কেন ছাড়ে না পিছুটান

post ride coffee

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