Today I along with my colleague and Biker Mini Kanwar set out for heartland Mewar. Breakfast on the highway, with our sight set today for #KUMBHALGARH… Ride is ON Discovering Mewar Day-1 Mini and I had dedicated today, only for understanding #Kumbhalgarh and its heritage. Accordingly, we had set out […]

Soloride To Champainagar Shiv Gajan Mela (Search For The Biggest Lyancha)

This time I was headed to the Champainagar, the famous SHIV GAJAN mela, one that is famed to have been started by Chand Saudagar of The Shivapuran / Manasamangal fame. My call for the place was not much because of any Religious interest, rather, I had heard the rumour that […]

Hornbill Festival in Nagaland

#DadaInHornbill@10 #Endpiece #LessonsLearnt As I return home after completing 3247 km in 9 days post Hornbill Festival in Nagaland and close the series of DadaInHornbill, I recall that every journey brings with it some lessons and experiences, some of which I am trying to share with all in the following […]