Soloride To Champainagar Shiv Gajan Mela (Search For The Biggest Lyancha)

This time I was headed to the Champainagar, the famous SHIV GAJAN mela, one that is famed to have been started by Chand Saudagar of The Shivapuran / Manasamangal fame. My call for the place was not much because of any Religious interest, rather, I had heard the rumour that the BIGGEST LYANGCHA (Bengali sweet – elongated gulabjamun sort of ) has been made in Champainagar.

What started off as easyride along riverbanks and dusty road along the Durgapur-Burdwan canal, ended in a famous Shiv Gajan mela. Along with the old Shiv temple there, the utmost importance was the sweet shops, bangle shops, merry go rounds, putul naach (kathputli – doll drama), and off course the Best Ghugni, chaat, and THE BIGGEST LYANGCHA.



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