Dada In Hornbill – V

Day 3

476 km to reach Dimapur. Got down from the saddle only thrice, hence not many pics today.

#BikerBrotherhood – Just knew a brother @Arjun Singh was in Dimapur, gave him a message, landed up in his bungalow, enjoyed the campfire and his Old Monk with lots of snacks, hot bath and a dinner and lots of music. Met him today only … Isn’t this brotherhood ??

#First100km – Speed and more speed, cruised at 100-120 kmph throughout speeding through Rangiya and Guwahati.

#TheMightyBrahmaputa – As I cross the mighty Brahmaputra yet again, in awe with the untamed male river. Folklore has it that if you cross Brahmaputra once, you have to cross 7 times. It’s already 21 times for me. I pray God grants me more opportunities to get more insights into wonderful northeast.

#MadCornering – As I crossed the approach to Shillong, a little stretch of Meghalaya, about 10 km of awesome corners was encountered. Did some high speed cornering and SwetAgni held beautifully thanks to the floating calipers. Youngsters, high speed cornering is dangerous, practise to be good, but ride safe.

#AlmostTrack – Right upto Nogaon, the rolling roads are almost track. Except for a quick halt of poori sabji and tea, rolled on at 100-120 with 140 at times. Quick lunch was with a friend in Misa.

#Kaziranga – God never disappoints an Easy Rider. A family of Six Rhinos were on a graze close to the road oblivious to everyone. But speed through Kaziranga, Bokakhat and right upto Numaligarh to turn right into Golaghat district.

#DarkForest – Daybreak sets in and I land up in the deepest of forest at dusk .. With absolutely no human being close by. As I rev through, the issue of Whathe will happen if motorcycle breaks down crossed my mind; but Swet Agni never faltered, never rested and bashed on regardless.

#BeautifulPillion – As I cross the forest and civilization reappears, I was stopped by an extremely beautiful Karbi girl named Roshni. Roshni in broken Hindi, Nepali and Ahomiya, tells me the story that tomorrow is her 17th birthday and she needs to go to her home Bokajan but got stuck up and if I can give a lift. Though all senses told me to deny, but which man can deny such a frantic distress call. So Roshni rides with me for 40 odd km and chats away her life story which I can hardly hear because of my helmet and wind howl. As I drop her in Bokajan, she gives a smile to light up the sky and tells me thank you Dada (whoa – my popular name of Dada here again). So Youngsters – Life is good, you never know when you get a beautiful pillion.

#Campfire – As I end the day with crackling fire, Good Rum, lovely food, caring brothers, tank full Himalayan, Kohima tomorrow and Hornbill … I sit humble and thank God, yes … life is good. What else can a man want to be happy ??


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