Dada In Hornbill – VII

#UnexploredHorizons Speechless, mystefied, in awe, no word can describe the sensory delight and wonder one can experience. After all the live videos and pics yesterday, not much to say but elucidate and annotate. Thank God, amongst the two long trips one can manage in a year, I chose Hornbill over many Motorcycle melas. #8Sisters – The day started with a cultural presentation by NEZCC in which all the 8 NE states or the 8 sisters showcased their state with a dance. It was pure bliss … However I was just bowled over by the Yaksam (Yak tender and Yak) Dance from Sikkim and the Cheru (Bamboo) dance from Mizoram. Unadulterated, pristine and pure local dance with fantastic music.

#MoreForeigners – What surprised me was the presence and enthusiasm of the foreigners which was much much more than us. Puts me to a thought, are we to learn from them how to respect and treasure our very own heritage and culture ??

#MorungToMorung – The most fun part was walking from Morung to Morung of each tribe enjoying interaction, music, dance and sumptuous food of each tribe. Just pure sensory delight. My personal favourite were the Angami, Rengma, Zeliang, Kuki, Kachari, Chakhesang, Pochury, Chang, Ao, Konyak, Phom, Khiamniungam, Yimchungru, Sangtam, Lotha and Sumi morungs. #NagaFood – It’s delicious, sumptuous, filling but it IS NOT FOR A PUNJABI TADKA PALLATE. If you do not have an open mind and an experienced and developed pallate to enjoy new food, you may Not like it. Since I am crazy about snake, lizard and frogs … The Naga meals of deer, pork and fowl were bliss for me. I chose to indulge in the locally brewed Rice beer Zhuto with jungle bird curry in the Zeliang morung and then Smoked pork in the Sumi Morung. It’s pure heaven ….

#DontConfuseTribals – Our Heartland India mentality may be to confuse the term tribal with backward … don’t make that mistake. The two heatwarmingly beautiful ladies in traditional dress, who indulged us with their rice beer, one is studying Masters of Sociology in Miranda House and the other is an extremely high placed software professional in Bangalore. They are back to their roots to celebrate their heritage. I wish many learn from them.

#HandicraftsGalore – A walk through the handicrafts market will surprise everyone with the wizardry of craftsmanship. Woodwork, bamboo work, fabric is just breathtaking. However, I must say, they are NOT CHEAP, rather pretty expensive .. hence good for me, no shopping frenzy.

#MyPurchase – I bought a big HORNBILL FEATHER for my helmet and a Naga Scarf – converted to a flag for my motorcycle. Just loving it (See photo). Nagaland is Pure bliss and a must visit for serious travellers (NOT TOURISTS). Pristine nature, smiling populace, awesome food and an open mind ….Isn’t that what our eternal search is all about ??


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