Drive To Poushmela

With 4 senior citizens, two junior citizens, wife and a close friend; managed to drive to Shantiniketan, Bolpur for the Poushmela 2016 fair. With such August company; the sight, sound, taste, feel of the fair is different … and especially when we had people in company who could give how the fair was in 1965, 1980, 1987, 1996, 2007 and could compare with 2016.

I have only and only one thing to say …. NOTHING GOOD WILL STAY IN OUR COUNTRY BECAUSE OF THE SHEER NUMBER OF PEOPLE. With approx 5 lac people teaming around in a 2 Sq km area … With no ethnic programme/taste, no essantial craftsmanship, no noteworthy handicraft, no worthy spectacle and people teaming to buy cheap stuff from Kolkata all the way… it was SIMPLY A WASTE OF TIME …. made nothing better by numerous Bikers (in jackets !!!! taking swigs of coloured drink) zooming through here and there.

Retired fast after buying a good Iktara (Rs 400) and two Morpankh (Rs 20). Never going back there again ; at least during the fair

.. The pics will adequately speak about my disappointment.

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