120 Kilometer Of Going No Where

I was out today afternoon riding on Shwet-Agni and once I returned home, the odo showed 120 km. I was not visiting a tribal festival, I was not trying an adventure to any La, I was not trying to look for any natural wonder or historical monument, nor a group cabal of beer and music … I was just BEING … but being or doing what ??

When I ride a motorcycle, there is no past repentance or judgement, there is no future anticipation or evaluation … what remains is a constant flow of moments … happening right in front of the eye; a steady stream of man, car, animal , road, time … just here and just now … its a constant presence of the current moment happening in your consciousness.

There is a third state between Consciousness and unconsciousness as mentioned in our Spiritual books .. its called a State of Turiya … A state of absolute presence or Super consciousness … and when I rev my throttle … my past, future all vanishes and what remains is a state of steady bliss. It’s that state of the mind, which sometimes lures me towards life of an endless roaring timeless earth wanderer. Maybe .. that’s my meditation, that’s my Kaizen

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