KAPWING :The Best And Easiest Video Content Creator (And Editor) For All Travelers And Motovloggers

What All Travelers Need

With the number of motorcycle and car travelers increasing with every passing day, everyone has been waiting patiently for this crazy pandemic to pass, so they can restart with their already planned or postponed travel programme. With easy access to smart phones, tablets, digital cameras; the number of photos and videos collected by everyone is immense. To fuel the fire of creation of content and share them on Social Media Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the search for an easy and powerful video creation and editing platform is on the ever rise. The main criteria that all travelers need are:-

(a) Easy User Interface.

(b) Can be learnt in a very short time.

(c) Should be free.

(d) Should not have a watermark.

(e) The end content must be with smart and professional look and feel.

(f) Can be worked upon from anywhere and from any device. 

(g) No hassle of memory crunch of personal device, content must be editable and stored on the cloud.

What I found

My personal search ended when I found KAPWING. Kapwing is an online content creation platform that is being used by millions of creators each month to tell their own unique digital stories. Youtubers, Instagrammers are flocking in thousands from the paid and cumbersome video editing apps to the simple, easy and feature-filled KAPWING

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The Features of Kapwing

The main product of KAPWINGis a feature named “Studio, which helps creators create and edit videos, GIFs, images, audio, and more. The company is owned and run by a small team doing their best to run an ethical and sustainable business.  The most awesome features are:-

a) Track Management. Has the awesome feature of adding layers of images, videos, and audio to create a video exactly the way that the way the creator wants.

b) Importing Media. One of the most powerful featured is the capability to upload, paste a link, or find an asset from plugins in just a few clicks.

c) No Memory Burden. Kapwing runs completely in the browser, which means the content is automatically saved to the cloud. It is easy to work on projects from any device, anywhere. 

d) Fast Learning Curve. Due to the library of hundreds of free, yet well-collated resource articles on creating the perfect content for every occasion, one can master using the interface in an hour. There are instructional videos on YouTube too.

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e) Templates. The library of excellent templates provide an easy starting point for any video.

f) Ecosystem. With support for third party plugins, the creator’s video editing workflow is best supported by tapping into the power of his favorite apps and services.

g) Free. The free services can take care of all needs. If one wants to use the service for business or if someone is a professional video creator, he /she may want to upgrade to “Pro” version; the cost of which is also minimal. The free services include:-
-No watermarks
-250MB file upload limit
-Export videos up to 7 minutes long
-Publish up to 3 hours of video per month
-Edit and store content up to 2 days old
-Access to all tools

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Necessary Links. Hence do check out and opt  Kapwing without hesitation  for your video content creation and editing necessity. Visit the link https://www.kapwing.com/






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