Parvati Valley – Sunday Breakfast Ride

As the world struggles with the mundane, when action is worshipped, being busy to the level of being a maniac is considered laudable, workaholism is symbol of excellence and inaction is cringe worthy; here in the same world a place exists where Time stands still. It was my time to […]


India’s First Moto Traveler’s Little Magazine   Presenting, TYREMARK, the Moto Traveler’s Little Magazine, published from Bengal in Bengali. Fully coloured and full of colour, this is the perfect companion for your ‘two-wheel wanderlust’. Those of you who love to travel on your motorcycle, bicycle or your car, and enjoy […]

Soloride To Garh-Jungle, Bardhaman District, Bengal

The road hungry Motorcycles can’t sit still for a day, so this afternoon, I had set out for Garh Jungle, within the Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary, situated on the Eastern end of Durgapur, in search of THE OLDEST SURVIVING REMAINS OF DURGAPUJA ever carried out in India, and attaboy, I was […]

Soloride To Nowhere Leading To “Pandurajar Dhibi” (The Mound Of King Pandu), Bengal

On a lazy afternoon, I had taken out my motorcycle and was on my way of just enjoying some jungle roads … made friends with a few children enroute who directed me to PANDU RAJAR DHIBI, one of the most interesting archeological sites of Bengal. This is located in Village […]


A few months ago, on a trip to Sicily, I made a decision: no more social media. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no blogs.I would go social-media-free for one week, getting back to the essence of travel, eschewing the urge to share things in favour of actually doing things. […]


This Sunday, along with a few close friends associated with our Motorcyclist Social Initiative DINER BELAY HEADLIGHT, we decided to ride to the destination of PANCHET dam and the ancient ruins of GARHPANCHKOTE. Its about a 248 km turnaround from my home; enough for a Sunday morning ride. There were […]

Ride To Ajodhya-Hills, Baghmundi And. Muruguma Lake, Puruliya District , Bengal

This Sunday, me and our friend Sarabjit decided to stretch our limits a bit further than the usual and reach Ajodhya Hills, Baghmundi and Muruguma Lake in Puriliya district. In Purulia we were joined by another excellent rider Gopal Garai dada from Puruliya onwards. It’s a total of 480 km […]