Dada Rides to Awadh ( Lucknow – Ayodhya)

In Search of Maryada Purushottam I ride to Ayodhya, solo… from 28 March to 04 April 2022. I shall come face to face with myself and my questions about Dharma, Maryada and Being Me. The conundrum, the complexity of what Dharma is, and the identity of Prabhu Sri Ram, the […]

Exploring Hadauti (Bundi – Kota)

Part 1 As India is opening up and the Covid pandemic seems to be in control in India, though not yet over, we as a family risk out in our car to explore a specific part of Rajasthan- Hadauti.  As per my understanding… Rajasthan has 6 distinct regions… and needs […]

Types of Motorcycles – Banjo Dada

Young riding enthusiasts often ask me, “What’s the best motorcycle to buy?” My answer almost always is, “That depends on what you want to do with it.” The key to being happy with your choice is not finding the “best” motorcycle, but rather finding the motorcycle that’s right for you […]


India’s First Moto Traveler’s Little Magazine   Presenting, TYREMARK, the Moto Traveler’s Little Magazine, published from Bengal in Bengali. Fully coloured and full of colour, this is the perfect companion for your ‘two-wheel wanderlust’. Those of you who love to travel on your motorcycle, bicycle or your car, and enjoy […]


This Sunday, along with a few close friends associated with our Motorcyclist Social Initiative DINER BELAY HEADLIGHT, we decided to ride to the destination of PANCHET dam and the ancient ruins of GARHPANCHKOTE. Its about a 248 km turnaround from my home; enough for a Sunday morning ride. There were […]

Soloride To Champainagar Shiv Gajan Mela (Search For The Biggest Lyancha)

This time I was headed to the Champainagar, the famous SHIV GAJAN mela, one that is famed to have been started by Chand Saudagar of The Shivapuran / Manasamangal fame. My call for the place was not much because of any Religious interest, rather, I had heard the rumour that […]